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We make it easy to keep your trees in tip-top shape.

Tree Services in Lowcountry, South CarolinaAt Carolina Tree Service, LLC, we want to help preserve the beauty and health of your trees while also ensuring that you and your property are safe from the dangers of trees that are unstable or growing where they shouldn’t be. We’ve combined our passion for caring for trees with a dedication to customer satisfaction, doing all we can to ensure that everyone who seeks out our assistance is completely satisfied with their experience from start to finish.

Our team offers maintenance tree services like trimming and pruning that are ideal for keeping the trees you do want on your property looking and feeling their best, as well as tree removals and clear-cutting for the trees that have either become a danger or are standing in the way of construction or other activities that you want to do on your property. We can also help you handle any unsightly stumps on your property with our stump grinding and removal services. Once we’ve completed any of our tree services, we also take care of cleaning up and hauling away the debris, so you don’t have to.

We also understand that Mother Nature waits for no one, which is why we offer emergency tree services that are available 24/7. You can count on our team to be there to help you clean up after a storm and start returning your property to normal. In non-emergent situations, our storm damage cleanups are also available, which are great for when a storm rolls through and leaves broken branches and trees in its wake that you need to have removed but the situation is not life- or property-threatening.

We proudly serve the Lowcountry, South Carolina area. For more information about our tree services or to schedule an appointment with one of our certified arborists, contact our office today.

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