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When severe weather strikes, we’re here to help you recover.

Severe weather is known for leaving a trail of devastation in its wake, especially when it comes to trees. While we tend to see trees as immovable towers of strength and durability, the truth is that they can suffer greatly at the hands of the weather, from the wind and lighting of a summer thunderstorm to the crushing weight of ice and snow during a winter blizzard. Fallen trees and downed branches pose a huge threat to your safety and the safety of your property if they are not dealt with quickly and carefully, which is why we at Carolina Tree Service, LLC proudly offer storm damage cleanup services to residents in and around Lowcountry, South Carolina.

Storm Damage in Lowcountry, South Carolina

Our skilled staff of tree care technicians and certified arborists has extensive experience handling storm-damaged trees. We can remove limbs, fallen and uprooted trees, and other dangerous storm debris quickly and safely, allowing you to focus your efforts on other aspects of recovering from severe weather. If the situation is emergent and cannot wait until normal business hours, we also offer 24/7 emergency tree removal services. After we’ve completed your storm damage cleanup, we’ll even handle hauling away the debris for you, so you can get back to normal sooner.

The safety of our staff and customers is a top priority, so we only use top-of-the-line equipment and proven removal practices whenever we’re called to perform a storm damage cleanup. We have the skills and experience to handle everything from a small residential cleanup to a large commercial property cleanup. We even work together with the city to restore public properties after hail or thunderstorms.

If your property has been damaged by severe weather, our team is here to restore the beauty and safety of your property. Reach out today to schedule a storm damage cleanup service or a consultation with one of our certified arborists.

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